Stuff on Doug

Thanks again to Simon for taking this pic and releasing it to the public domain.

picture of Doug

Visible in the picture are: CD caddy circa 1993, AT keyboard and serial mouse KVM, Sun Monitor cable (detachable) of unknown vintage–part #530-2020-018425, late model non-optical Sun mouse–part #370-1586-03, Official Red Hat Linux Users Guide for version 4.0 (August 1996), Getting Started (book on Applixware Office Suite for Linux version 4.3), Abit NF7 motherboard (nforce2 chipset), and lastly, in the background, Quick Installation Guide for donated groklaw servers.

Stuff on my Palmer

We have Simon to thank for this classic SoMS pic. Enjoy.

stuff on Palmer, 500px

Stuff included: Princess Bride DVD, IEEE 1394 (Firewire) hub, tin of tea, Apple CD of some sort, USB dongle for PS/2 keyboard/mouse, small box of metal rings, copy of Resistance: Fall of Man for the PS3.